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The “Life Is…” marketing campaign is an educational, uplifting message respecting human life. It’s about capturing the moments with special people in our lives and sharing them with the community.

Children create darling moments that let you know what life is all about. From spaghetti-covered faces to tubby-time games, these are the memories you wouldn’t trade for the world. And these are the moments that are meant to be shared.

In 2013, Dubuque County Right to Life launched the “Life Is…” campaign by inviting everyone in our community to send in their favorite photos of memorable moments in the lives of children they knew. Those photos were all given captions to match the pictures. Two favorites are “Life Is…Spaghetti” featuring a small child in her highchair with spaghetti all over her face and “Life Is…the Journey” with a photo of a little one strapped in his car seat ready to go.

Selected pictures and slogans have been placed on billboards, bumper stickers, tote bags, coffee mugs, and other fun items. The community loves it! Comments we’ve received include:

“What a positive approach to rid our city of Planned Parenthood!”

“How delightful! I was so excited to recognize [someone I know] on your billboard!”

Our “Life Is…” campaign has proven to be very successful. Each week brings new updates on how this campaign is touching people – and saving lives.

Now let the world see what life means to you by sending in an adorable photo of your child or depicting a special family moment for use in local ads and billboards. Simply email your photo to with the subject line “Life Is…” and a short description of the subject. Please make sure there are no copyrights or professional photography associated with the photo. We’ll let you know if we decide to use your photo.

Get involved! Share your little bundle of joy with the world and help spread the message that life is precious.

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