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Boycott Corporations That Support Planned Parenthood

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At Dubuque County Right to Life, Inc., we fully appreciate and understand the impact of charities, but the work of some may not be in line with our core values and mission. Unfortunately, some organizations and businesses use the donations they receive for purposes other than what they say.

How do you know which charities to contribute to or which businesses to buy from? Ask yourself these questions before making a decision.

How will your donation or purchase be used?

This is of paramount importance from a pro-life perspective. Many organizations and businesses support abortion and/or embryo, stem cell, and fetal tissue research. We don’t want purchases we make to benefit the abortion industry, and we don’t want our donations to promote the destruction of human beings, regardless of age or stage of development.

Life Decisions International (LDI) is a program focused on the education of corporate officials about the agenda of Planned Parenthood in an effort to convince them to deny support to this dangerous group. A boycott of corporations that support Planned Parenthood is advocated so those who are about life are not directly or indirectly funding its deadly agenda.

LDI updates its published list of boycott targets at least twice a year. The list includes corporate names, subsidiaries, products, services, and contact information for each company. In addition, LDI publishes a list of boycott targets that operate on a local or regional level. This information is organized by state/province and may be accessed here. Please contact the office for more information on the boycott list and to obtain your own copy.

The LDI has been remarkably successful thanks to the prayers and commitment of pro-life advocates. To date, at least 345 corporations have agreed to stop funding Planned Parenthood’s deadly empire, costing the behemoth tens of millions of dollars. Now that is something of which you can be proud! Best of all, corporate officials who continue to fund the world’s primary proabortion advocacy group will be doing so without your cooperation.

When considering charitable donations, please consider pro-life organizations.

In addition to our efforts to interact with only pro-life businesses, we must not directly support abortion by contributing to organizations that support embryo and/or fetal tissue research. Anyone supporting this type of research is supporting the killing of human babies at various stages of growth and development. Many of our loved ones have been afflicted with or have even died from these diseases. We want to do something so others don’t have to suffer as they did and do. We must always keep in mind that the end does not justify the means.

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